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It's Feastgiving! The time of year where the weather starts to get colder, and the nights start to get longer. It's a time to reconnect with one another in preparation of The Long Dark, the most dangerous time of year when the Gravemind seems to become even more active. Join us for the Feast of Friends and find a bit of light in the darkness.

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Prereg is live! Get those opt outs and sign up for the meal plan! Feastgiving is not part of the meal plan and will be available to everyone who attends! For those who have not attended a Feastgiving event before, here is the run down.

For 2 hours, we will shut everything down for dinner, including the Assayer's Office and NPC Land. It's potluck style, so please bring a dish to share with everyone. Jed and Autumn will provide the turkeys. There will be a separate post on the Facebook Group for any allergies and coordination of dishes.

Please remember that while everyone will be able to use the camp dishes for the Feast, but beyond that, if you are not on the meal plan, it is a $5 fee to use the camp's dishes.

We're very excited for this event! It's such a great time to get the whole community together and enjoy a couple of hours just relaxing and hanging out and getting to know each other before going back out into the woods to kill each other... I mean... kill zombies... again. :)
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Just finished grocery shopping! Did you miss out on preordering? That's okay! We will have a limited number of meal plan tickets available on site, first come, first serve for $25! See you all soon! ... See MoreSee Less

Prereg closes tonight at midnight! Don't forget! Meal plan will be available until Thursday. If you can't pay until you get on site, that's okay too! Just email us ahead of time and let us know you like the meal plan and will be paying on site!*

*If you email us for a meal plan reservation, you must pay as we will be purchasing food to include you. Non-payment will result in corrective actions. Sorry to get all negative down here. :3
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