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Hello everyone,

This was a really hard decision to make, but after a lot of long thought, Jed and I have decided that we need to cancel the March event. There is simply no way the two of us can make it happen while both working 40+ hours a week. We're very sorry to everyone who will be disappointed, but for own own health and well being, we just can't do it this month. We will be contacting anyone who has preregistered about refund and rollover options.

The good news is we are getting close to finalizing the new ownership! We will keep everyone up to date on who they are and what is going to happen! It's an exciting time, though we are sorry that the transition is being turbulent.

We appreciate all of the support from you guys over the last 4 years. We got to do all sorts of cool things and meet awesome people and be a part of your lives! We very much look forward to continuing to be in your lives as friends and fellow players!

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Greetings Everybody!

We realize we are hot off the heels of February, but we wanted to get this announcement up as soon as we could. Prereg is up, and you won't want to miss this one!

The DR: Oregon March game is going to be special for a couple of reasons.

First, it is the last game in the PNW before Uprise 2019, so it's going to be the last chance to get that crafting, scheming, and trading done before the big event.

Second, it is going to feature a chance to close out several plots that have been running and to go after some of the bad guys that have been plaguing the town. (See plot announcements bellow)

Third, it will be the last game of the DR:Oregon chapter run by Jed and Autumn. We have been at this for a long time, and it is time for us to step away and turn things over to another team. The who is a question you will have to wait to answer, but this will be the last chance to enjoy this game with us as your directors. (Don’t worry, we aren’t disappearing, we will be joining you as fellow players once again.) This also means it’s your last chance to see any of your old favorite stories or monsters revisited from our 4 years of play so far. Just send us an email with your requests and we will see what we can do.


Major Stories in March:

Love and Life with Dr. Woo - Problem solving, action, and roleplay

Bart and the Bart's Workers - Also Contains notes on the prevalence and RP of Mericans

Natural One Problems - Also contains notes on RP of Natural Ones and avoiding certain pitfalls

Consorts of the Morgue Revealed - Spoopy Gravemind Plot with some religion RP for spice

Pappa Domino’s - Economic and Intrigue

An End To ETC - Espionage, Abolition, Some Action
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