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Pre-game Announcement Time!

1.) The biggest concern we got from last game was people being tired on Saturday because they couldn't sleep. To address that, we will be testing out a Nap Cabin! This will be an OOC place to take a nap that will not be disturbed. Since it is OOC, you cannot be attacked, however you also can not store carded items in there. This is not a space for all weekend sleeping, but more of a safe space to crash out for a few hours. Don't abuse it. :) It will be over of the Upper Cabins and will have a sign on the door because after 4 years Jed and Autumn still can't remember the names of all the cabins. ;)

2.) Along with all other check in skills, there will be a special check in for anyone with Society Membership: Engineer's Union, and for anyone with an isopod bug friend. These are both separate check ins and can be done regardless of your home branch.

3.) Day tripping will be staying at 9am from now on. That means if you are day tripping, you CAN NOT be on site before 9am. You cannot start your NPC before you get your character sheet. Day trip preregs will be in the Penske. Do not go to the Assayers Office. They will have nothing for you and can not check you in. You have to wait for Autumn.

4.) Please do not be in the game space OOC. At all. If you are doing an early clean up, clean up as your character. If you are on NPC, throw on some NPC gear and run to the saloon. If someone bothers you, politely explain that you just need to pee. The only reason anyone should be running around OOC in the game space is if you are going to or coming from your NPC block. Help maintain the illusion!

5.) We have a Player Food Pantry! This is prepackaged food that is provided by players for other players so that if you find yourself in a situation where you have no food at game, you still have an option. Currently we have chicken ramen cups, and vegan, gluten free miso soup packets. If you would like to contribute to this, we do offer AP! Email Jed and Autumn for more details!

I think that's it for now! We can't wait to see everyone this weekend!
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Last chance to Prereg for April! ... See MoreSee Less

Looking to get those Shields and Weapons to Uprise without needing to ship them or try to fly with them? Well good news! Jed and Autumn are driving and will have room for those large, bulky items in exchange for some sweet, sweet gas money! We will need to know as soon as possible if folks are interested so email us @ ASAP if you want in on this! If there isn't enough interest, we won't be able to do it.

And don't forget to Prereg for April ;) It closes 4/15
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Don't forget! Prereg closes April 15! Get that prereg, check in to get your preferred NPC time, and avoid the long lines at registration! Even if you can't pay right now, checking in will speed the process along! If you need help with your password, be sure to email your directors! ... See MoreSee Less

An announcement and two reminders!

1.) We are still offering double AP for donations to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline through the end of March. Be sure to forward the receipt to
2.) Don’t forget to Prereg!

Dystopia Rising Oregon will be at Gamestorm in Portland again this year, and we need you! Gamestorm is a gaming convention held at the Jantzen Beach Red Lion April 5-8. Table top, LARP, Board games, TCGs, they have it all! Anyone who attends Gamestorm AND assists with the Dystopia Rising demo (called First New Moon in the schedule, 10pm Saturday) will get AP! 10AP/hour at the demo, and either 1AP/$1 spent on a badge for entry, OR 10AP/hr volunteering for the convention which will also get you a free or reduced badge! Check out for more info on volunteering and to see what awesome things we have planned! Many of our marshals and players will be running games throughout the convention, so we hope to see you there!
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