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Hi, is there going to be a game on the 23rd to the 25th of August? Many of us are excited and curious to know. ... See MoreSee Less

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Dystopia Rising: Oregon

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Hello Survivors!

Many of you are wondering what is going on with DR:OR and where it might be heading now that the branch is transitioning in ownership. There has been an absence of communication lately and for that we deeply apologize. We would like to commit to better communication and more transparency going forward so you all can stay informed!

The deal is not yet signed, but is close to being done. Content and items are being transferred and the transition team is being prepared so they can hit the ground running. Once the contract is signed, a new contract with DR LLC will need to be signed as well by the new owners and then DR LLC will give us the go ahead to start actively managing the groups and talking about events.

What does this mean now? It means a June game will most likely not be happening given how close it is to the current date. The transition team needs more time for the paper work to be signed and to prepare to actually run the game. (As well as reaching out to the OR Guides and even looking into hiring writers) We are still on the books for August and beyond at Lutherwood. It is the transition teams intent to run something even if its just socials, photo events, or day games until then. If that changes you all will be notified.

DR:OR will be coming back, better than ever, with a renewed vigor and an excitement to create exciting post apocalyptic experiences.

Questions? Comments? Let us know below!

(photo by Jessy Halvorsen)
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Hey Everyone;
I made a little video at camp on Thursday that I wanted to share with you. The gist of the story is this; Camp Lutherwood is still open and a place that games can be held now and for years to come. They do need help. After any loss like this, the biggest need really is financial. Lots of work has to be done by contractors and most of the replacement items need to be purchased new from suppliers, and that means cash. If you want to and can, you can donate at (2 AP per $1 donated).

There is a chance to volunteer labor, however, at the work day May 4th (20 AP for each hour worked).
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