Time for the pre-game story mechanics reminders and announcements:


White Fungus
The White Fungus has been growing, adapting, and spreading in game for almost a year now, and the scope of the infection is reaching epidemic levels. This means the impact of the plot is expanding locally, but we don’t want that to mean that the growing volume of infected Herb, Produce, Meals, and Brews made here will be stuck with Oregon specific plot mechanics and unusable anywhere else, when the white fungus has no mechanical effects outside of Oregon. So we are making the following changes to how the plot is presented on item cards.
-Infected Herb/Produce will be marked with a black dot in the upper right hand corner.
-Detecting infected raw materials requires SCIENCE! and the appropriate Lore (Herb for Herb, Animal – Terra Firma for Beef and so on)
-Any Brew or Meal created with infected Herb/Produce will also be marked in this way.
-Detecting infected meals/brews requires use of Analyze Contents
-Consuming/injecting infected meals and brews causes onset White Dust Disease or advances it one stage.
-Outside of Oregon, the black spot has no effects.
We hope this will let everyone continue playing with the plot as it grows without impacting their ability to travel and trade.

-Items we have seen that need a reminder-

Phys-Reps: All items that are not Scrap/Herb or basic crafting components must be physically represented to be brought into play. Item cards not associated with a phys-rep that should be must be stored in a large container, like a trunk or duffel bag.

Copying Prints: You cannot walk around while copying a print, even if the print does not require a printer’s table or transcribe to copy.

Berserkers Mind: It’s active for 10 minutes, then cannot be re-activated for 1 hour. Please mark start and end times on the character sheet.

Moving with a Mangled Leg or while Stable: You may only move in a slow obviously painful pace while in these states. No mad hopping or running wounded.

Stabilized: You cannot self administer a consumed or applied brew while stabilized, someone has to feed it to you.

Medical Assistance and Genius: Both skills dramatically limit what a patient can do while receiving the effects. Please take a moment to double check.

Feign Death: You must declare the use of Feign Death when activated. You should also inform undead that you are obviously not dead or in bleed-out, as they are immune to Feign Death and should know to continue attacking you as normal.

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