Special Check In: Slaver Community

Wendton is a known slaver community.  As such, the area around town is filled with slaver caravans and gangs looking to grab individuals for quick sale in town.  To represent this, every player must check in each character before beginning play and roll a d20 to determine if their character falls afoul of these groups.  Die roll results change over time and dependent on player activity, so make sure to ask at check in.

Players of Vegasian characters may use their meat market advantage to get themselves and one other character into game without a die roll. Both players must be present at the time of the vegasian check in.

Vehicles or other items that allow characters to avoid negative coming to town type modules can be used to avoid the die roll.  All individuals benefiting from the item must be present at check in.

Characters in possession of a Wendton Town Badge plot specific item can present it at check in to avoid needing to make a die roll.

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