Slavery is an ongoing element in the DR:Oregon game, and characters will interact with it frequently.  Some characters own NPC slaves represented by plot specific or unique item cards that represent an enslaved individual doing work :off screen” for the owner.

Note: Players should realize that while these item cards may give them advantages, they represent that their character is doing HORRIBLE things to another living, thinking, person off screen.  There is no “Good” slavery, no willing slaves.  Characters who keep Slave item cards are beating, deriding, manipulating, starving, or otherwise being monsters in order to keep these benefits.  This cannot be done quietly for long, and no player should expect to be able to maintain a “secret slave owner” character concept going for long.

All characters who have  Item cards representing slaves on them will need to wear visibly on a necklace one purple key per slave card.  Other characters are allowed to know IG that other characters own slaves based on those keys.  The Keys are not phys reps or carded items and cannot be stolen or destroyed in order to affect ownership of the slave card.

Freeing Slaves:  Unfortunately, slavery is a systemic horror in the astes, and especially in the valley around town.  Tearing up or throwing away a slave card may represent letting a slave go, but they will quickly either be re-captured or killed without help.  In order to free and save enslaved NPC’s, the PC’s must get the slave item cards to an NPC representative of an organization tied to the underground railroad or other freedom fighting organizations.  Other methods may be possible as well, but will require IG action beyond destroying the item card.

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