Slaver Mod Planning

Hello All;

Before we begin making announcements about next month’s game, we wanted to take a moment and look back on the February season closer.

By now, a lot of people have talked to us and told us about their reservations and concerns approaching game. First, I hope those who were concerned had their fears relieved and ended up having a good time. Second, please do not hesitate to email or otherwise talk with us in the future if you have concerns, for all we heard after, we heard almost none of it before. Lastly, if you are one of the players who chose to stay home rather than try the scenario, I hope you will talk with your friends that went and will give the next “something different” we try a chance.

To that end, Autumn and I thought it might help to share with everyone a bit of the planning document that the ST staff created leading up to this event. I have stripped out all the story stuff so there shouldn’t be any spoilers and the stats just in case you meet the NPC’s again, but we hope that in looking over the document you will see how much effort the ST’s and Directors put in to make sure this was something fun and where your characters wouldn’t get “screwed” without recourse.

In the end, this is about trust. Our goal as a staff is to bring the players the best survival-horror roleplaying experience possible, and we hope we have succeeded in presenting that to you in a new way.

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