Rad Fog

Rad fog is present when “real world” fog is present. There will not be an announcement or signal, just look around. If you would say out of game, “hey it’s foggy out” then there is Rad Fog. If you are asking “is this foggy enough” than it probably is, because you just said it was at least a little foggy. If it’s just some water drops in the air with no loss in visibility, then it’s probably fine. People have been able to tell when it is foggy out for thousands of years, I have confidence that everyone will do fine. 🙂

  • Buildings and tents provide protection from the Fog.
  • If a character takes 12 points of damage from the fog, they should report to operations.
  • All strain advantages and disadvantages operate normally.
  • Sometimes only parts of the site are foggy, sometimes the fog hangs above the tree line, if you’re not in the fog, you’re not taking damage.
  • This is meant to be a fun and unique challenge and condition. We are leaving this to the honor of players to follow.


To check on the amount of damage fog will do that month, check the In-Game “Radiation Danger” Sign.

  • Low=1 Rad every hour of continuous exposure
  • Med=1 Rad every 30 min. of continuous exposure
  • High=1 Rad every 5 min of continuous exposure
  • Catastrophic=2 Rad every 5 min of continuous exposure

The Threat level will be set before game on by the directors and will not change through the course of the event. (Do not play with the sign please, it will only confuse fellow players)

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