What to Bring

aged photo DR:ORA weekend at DR is all about having fun while running scared for your life in the woods. We have provided the woods and the monsters, now there are a few decisions about what to bring to help you and the people around you have the most fun possible.


  • Bring things to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Nothing sucks the fun out of a weekend like blisters, torn skin, and chronic foot pain. Extra socks, a change of shoes, and waterproof shoes all go a long way to keep an active weekend fun.
  • Bring changes of clothes. As things get wet from rain or sweat, what was warm or comfy becomes cold, ill fitting, or binding.   Undergarments, in particular, need to stay dry in any weather. In addition to making you cold faster in the winter, they quickly chafe in any weather. Not fun.
  • Watch the weather and adjust costuming accordingly. Remember that you are going to spend a lot of time out at night as well as the day, so keep an eye on the lows. Long underwear can make a costume warmer without major work crafting new outer garments. In warm weather, lose a few layers or switch into linen and cotton fabrics.
  • Bring sunscreen, your personal favorite pain reliever, and headache medicine. In our modern lifestyles, many of us are going to be more active at a DR weekend than the rest of the week, or month combined. That means sore muscles, dehydration, and more sun.
  • Remember enough food. Low blood sugar makes you cranky, causes difficulty thinking, and generally reduces the fun.
  • Bring something to keep time with, just not your cell phone. Pocket watches, sand timers, roughed up wrist watches, and so on.
  • Bring bedding. A sleeping bag or blankets and pillow.
  • Bring a Costume you can wear through the weekend. Costuming is required, and if yours gets uncomfortable after a few hours the weekend can seem rather long.
  • Bring a set of simple black clothes for you NPC shift.

Do Not Bring (or leave in your car)

  • Cell Phones
  • Cameras
  • Video Games
  • Alcohol/Marijuana
  • Illegal substances
  • Anything you would be super upset if it got ripped, broken, muddy, covered in fake blood, splashed with glow stick fluid, or lost.