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aged photo DR:OREvery strain has costuming and role-play rules provided in the DR: Survival Guide. Unlike in many other role playing games, these are not guidelines or suggestions. Creating a genre and strain appropriate costume is required. The strains of humanity that populate the wastes are at least as visually and culturally distinct as the races of humanity that populate the world today, often even more. What strain you are playing should be readily apparent to those who have read the core rule book, and obfuscating what strain you are playing without use of the disguise skill is difficult to impossible. Truthfully most characters wouldn’t even consider trying. Strain pride is very strong, and hiding your membership in the greatest strain of survivors just doesn’t make sense.



These strains may be played without any prior approval. Players have 3 games to submit a background.

Red Star

The Red Star are one of the most dominant strains to populate what became of Oregon.  Descended from the large number of communes, co-op communities, farm shares and alternative-lifestyle families, the communal survival method was both popular and effective. Note: very few red star in Dead Mist Valley are descended from Soviet communist stock.

The pre fall-city of Portland, OR partially survived the fall, transforming into the post fall cities of Bridgetown (the part above ground) and Shanghai (the part below ground).  These areas are inhabited exclusively by Red-Star or a very small number of non-Red Star cell mates.  For more information on the area, please check out “Scraps of the Rust Empire.”


Where there are survivors there are remnants. Be they from mixed strain heritage, mixed upbringing, or just strange twists of the infection, these outcasts are found frequently in the valley.


Hailing mainly from Capital City (modernly Salem, OR), the Retrogrades natural resistance to radiation allowed them to be one of the first to expand into the region. The clouds of radiation that still sometimes descend into the valley make them valuable additions to any settlement or caravan. (Costuming Note: full face makeup, a retrograde mask, or both are required to play this strain. Branch owned makeup will not be available for personal costuming without special permission from the directors.)

Natural One

Another of the most populous strains in the area. The vast areas on undeveloped land in the region make the Natural Ones well suited to survival. In addition to being descended from Native American tribes, old Oregon also had plenty of survivalist and doomsday prepper groups to generate the Natural One Strain.


Common almost everywhere these days, Mericans are most commonly descended from the rural farming communities found throughout the region, especially on the eastern side of the cascades.


Originating mainly from the sewer tunnels beneath Capitol City, sea caves along the coast, or the lava cave systems in the mountains, Lascarians have been moving into the area with other settlers and explorers. (Costuming Note: Lascarians wear lots of clothing to protect themselves from the sun. Even Oregon’s famed grey sky isn’t enough to keep off the hated rays. When not wearing the full covering cloth, most players will need some makeup to pale the skin to a healthy “never seen the sun” look.)

Bay Walker

The pre-fall city of Gresham, now largely flooded and  broken into smaller islands in the mighty river, has the right conditions to give rise to the Bay Walker strain. These resourceful and hearty explorers have begun moving throughout the region.

Nation of Accensor (Baptized to Fallow Hope)

Just outside the swirling boarder of radioactive fog is a community of Accensorites that has survived in a religious stronghold that existed from before the fall. Forgotten is the religion it was once dedicated too, now it is center and holy place for the Church of the Fallow hope. As the mists have begun to rise, the Templars are seen frequently throughout the region.


Where trade and stories go, so follows the Rovers.  Rover characters have additional background requirements that must be met before the 4th game played.  Background must include information about their Rover family and a list of the character’s rules of hospitality.


While there are lots of opportunities for the wily Vegasians in the Valley, the warm sands of Vegasia are far way, new vegasian characters should focus on being from Capitol City (Salem) with it’s post-fall influence from the many native gambling and “lottery” establishments that moved into the area.  Travel is difficult in the fallen world, and making the move from the Sands of Vegasia to the damp of the valley is an unlikely occurrence.  Any backgrounds that include Vegasia will require the player to have read “Pillars of Dead Light” or talked with the new player Marshal about their background before play.


From the fields and orchards around the region, the Solestros have a wide range of historical stock to arise from. The lack of Pure Blood influence in the area has allowed them to spread out more than in other areas, and their appearance is relatively commonplace.



Uncommon strains require the expenditure of 150 AP upon approval, as well as 2 months of play in Dystopia Rising prior to applying.

While no hard numerical cap is in place for these strains, they are less commonly found in the settlement. An approved background is required before a character can enter play. Specific elements that must be in the background are listed with each strain. Please submit backgrounds at least one week before game. Background can be 1-2 paragraphs or a bulleted list of important points.


As none of the local cities have the right conditions to produce this strain of survivor, you will need to explain in your background where the character comes from, how they made the journey, and why they have headed to Wendton.

Nation of Accensor (Not Baptized to Fallow Hope)

The Oregon of old had its devout, but the kind of faith necessary to give rise to the Nation of Accensor was rare. As such, finding an Accensorite is uncommon, but their questing nature and the presence of historic pockets of faith makes it not altogether unheard of. Background will need to explain where the character is from, their personal code of ethics, how they became baptized in their religion (if any), and what brings them to Wendton.

Iron Slave

While slavery is as common in the Valley as anywhere, mines are not common enough to give rise to many Iron Slaves. Backgrounds should include where the character comes from, how they escaped, how they made their way to Wendton, and why this town. Players should be aware that recapture is always a possibility. (Costume Note: In addition to scars and tattoos visible during the day Iron slaves are required to wear brightly glowing bands around their wrists, ankles, and neck at night.)

Salt Wise

While Wendton is within the 75 miles that allows a Salt Wise to live comfortably, it is decidedly detached from the sea. The Long Tom River runs inland, and the coastal range represents a significant barrier to travel. Most Salt Wise who make their way to Wendton originate from Sandfall on the coast. Backgrounds need to include why the character has traveled to Wendton and why the character has left the sea. Also, players should be aware that the Salt Wise disadvantage will be utilized by the storytellers frequently. (Costume Note: Gill prosthetics or excellent makeup along with attempts to create an androgynous appearance are required to play a Salt Wise.)



Rare strains require the expenditure of 300 AP upon approval, as well as, 4 month of play in Dystopia Rising prior to applying.

These Strains are restricted to a specific number based on game population. Players will need to submit a full background for approval before a character will be recorded.  Applications for available slots will be accepted at any time by emailing the directors.

NOTE: We also have attendance requirements that a player must agree to and uphold for a Rare Strain. If a player wants to depict a strain that is Rare in Oregon, we expect that character to be their primary.  This means that we expect to see the character at the Oregon game as much as possible, and that the Rare strain is played more than any secondary characters the player may have.  The availability of these Strains is limited and getting to depict one is a privilege that should be both a benefit to the player depicting it and the rest of the players interacting with it.  If you have questions on what this may mean, please email the directors before applying for one of these strains.

Pure Bloods (1/10)

Old Oregon was a fertile place, but not one that produced many families with the money to pay their way out of the apocalypse. Add to that the prevalence of radiation in the region and Pure Bloods are a very rare sight in the Valley. Pure Blood backgrounds need to include where the family is from, details about the family, how the character got to Wendton, and why they have come.

Full Dead (2/2)

The Full Dead are a truly rare site in the area. The old dead cities are far away and there are few reasons to draw in the Full Dead. But travel, if difficult, does happen, and some bones have been laying in the dirt a long time. Backgrounds need to include where the Full Dead come from, why they are in Wendton, and what connections the character has with the more living members of the community.

Diesel Jocks (6/10)

Diesel Jocks frequent lands with wide open spaces, free of trees, swamps, and frequent rivers. Where the air is dryer to slow down the toll of rust on their rides. These are things that decidedly do not describe Oregon. However a small number of Diesel Jocks have carved a space for themselves, predominantly in the high desert and on the remains of the I5 corridor (or just “The Corridor” to those road warriors always pressed for time.)

Genjian (3/5)

Not far from the territory border is an old holdout of the Gengian efforts to preserve what was lost.  A few of these honorable souls have expanded to travel into the wastes, but their long term presence in the settlement is rare.


Character Background Form

New Character Form (For existing players)



aged photo DR:ORThese strains are unavailable for local play, though travelers may bring them into play. Please note, the banned list is absolute, no exceptions.



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