Out of Character and You

Ideally the only times you will be out of character during the game is to go to the bathroom or to your NPC shift, but if things aren’t ideal, here is some information you need to know.

In all cases, someone Out of Character should do everything they can to not draw others out of character with them.

Out of Character (OOC) symbols

aged photo DR:ORThe Out of Character symbols are to either put on a green headband or place your hand in a fist on your forehead (like you’re playing unicorn).

There are 3 times when it is acceptable to use the out of character symbols while at a Dystopia Rising event.

  1. Addressing a health or safety concern.
  2. Asking for clarification of a rule/power in use around you.
  3. Heading to or from an NPC shift.

A recurring issue with many LARPs is asking for out of character clarification for something said in character. Phrases like, “Out of character, are you trying to say…” or “Out of Character, I was asking if you had…” are not allowable uses of the out of character symbol, and anything someone should overhear from that conversation may be treated as in character. Stay in character and ask for clarification as your character would. Besides, misunderstandings can be fun.

Out of Character Areas

There are a few areas that are always out of character,

  • Inside any Bathroom/Shower House
  • Inside the Medical Cabin
  • Across the Bridge towards the Parking Lot – includes smoking areas
  • The N/NW portion of the front field starting at the climbing wall, including the NPC yurt and septic field.
  • Anything off Site

If you are in an OOC area, you are required to be out of character. This means you can’t work on in character (IC) crafting, have IC discussions, trade IC items, or fight. You are also not allowed to store IC items in OOC areas for an active character when you’re not there yourself (leaving your scrap bag in the car so it can’t be stolen is a no-no, taking the scrap bag into the bathroom with you isn’t a problem). Retreating to an OOC area to avoid danger is expressly against the rules, and if a marshal or ST suspects someone of fleeing into an OOC area to avoid a threat they may penalize the player or character depending on the situation.

Special Circumstances

Under special circumstances the Coordinators may allow someone to stay out of character for an extended period in the game space. If they allow it, the person OOC will be expected to wear a green headband at all times and avoid all interaction and discussion with people in character.