New Players

New Player Ticket

So you’re about to attend your first DR game?

We hope you’re as excited as we are. In order to get ready you should read the DR: Survival Guide, and read through the info on the Player Resources tab.

After that you should start considering what kind of character you want to play. For most characters, you can wait until you get to game to make a character, and we will even have people at check in to help you create your character sheet, but you should come with an idea. Pay close attention to the strain availability list, as some strains require approval from the Story Telling Team before you arrive at game. You will also need to bring some costuming for your character, contact safe weapons for any weapon skills you intend to use, and props for some skills. For your first 3 games these can be minimal. Don’t be too worried about making the character perfect the first time, you can re-write any character once during the first 3 games, including changing skills, professions, and strain.

At check in, you will need to turn in a signed player release form, available on the website and at check in. If you are 16 or 17, you will also need a parental permission form signed by your legal guardian, so make sure to download and get it signed.

If you haven’t pre-registered, you will need to bring money (cash, check, or credit) for your entrance fee and any extras you want to buy. If there is somebody who convinced you to come to game, fill out a golden ticket with their player number or name and bring it as well.

First Game / Fee Schedule

  • First Game = $20
  • Extra XP = $10/1xp up to 2/game
  • Playing 2 characters = $20
  • Finally, you will sign up for a 4 hour long NPC shift and a cleanup assignment.

aged photo DR:ORAfter getting signed in, you’ll talk to one of the Story Telling Team who will check out your gear, safety inspect any weapons, and assign starter gear. Based on your characters skills, you may receive some item cards before game starts. There is a full list on the player resources tab. Additionally, everybody can start with armor for their character. Your starter armor is based on your characters costume, providing you between 1 and 20 extra health points.

Lastly, all new players are required to be part of new player orientation and new player module that runs immediately after game on and starts at the longhouse (called the Saloon in character). It will provide information and examples on how to use skills, engage in combat, and generally play the game both fun and safe. Also the special plot module will help get you into your first game right away and provide a few material rewards. Players are invited to continue attending the new player orientation and module for their first 3 games.

NOTE: Due to the mature content frequently explored in a Dystopia Rising game, the minimum age of any person in attendance is 16. Parents/guardians who wish to attend with their kids who are 14 or 15 may contact the directors to discuss special case arrangements PRIOR to arriving at game (

For more information and help with any aspect of coming to your first game email