Food at Game

aged photo DR:ORYou’re going to be at game for around 48 hours, and that means you’re going to need to eat. The question is what to bring? We have a few suggestions and guidelines to help you decide.

  1. You’re going to be burning through a lot of energy, so choose foods that give it back. Proteins and carbohydrates are your friend.
  2. Avoid reliance on snack cakes and energy bars as a sole food source, the nutritional ratios are wrong for sustained consumption. Meat & cheese, or PB&J sandwiches are a much better option.
  3. You’re not going to be sitting down for regular meals more often than not, so plan to eat more frequently with smaller portions.
  4. You’re not likely going to have time to cook.   So choose food with minimal prep time. Nothing more complicated than heating soup from a can is recommended.
  5. Have at least some variety if you can. You are more likely not to skip food if there is some variation in what to expect next.
  6. You will need more water. Drink water. If you think you have drunk enough water, drink more water. If you can’t drink more water, wait 5 minutes and drink more water. Coffee is not water. Soda is not water. Gatorade is not water. Energy drinks are REALLY not water. Even though those things are mostly water, only water is actually water.

Most players will take a few games to dial in exactly what they like and need for a weekend, so we’d suggest starting out with a little more than what you expect and bringing less if you’d rather in the future.

Food IN Game

aged photo DR:ORWhen you eat at DR, it is in character. That means that your food needs to be as genre appropriate as reasonable. We don’t expect people to make homemade fruit preserves and cured meats for every game, but you do need to take some steps to make our modern food look a little less jarring in a dystopian setting.

  1. Remove plastic wrappers and repackage before game. Also, remove items from packaging boxes.
  2. Package food in glass, food safe metals, or plastics that look like glass. You can store lots of different foods in canning jars. They are effective, simple, and inexpensive.
  3. Try and disguise or avoid iconic foods. Cut up cliff bars into small squares. Avoid yellow, cream filled cakes as much as possible.
  4. Get a mug, jug, jar, or bottle to drink out of at game. We won’t always have paper cups and they are very jarring. Mason jars for the win. Also, there will be no paper plates or bowls provided.
  5. Take the labels off everything you aren’t repackaging. Bonus, take the time to paint the can black or brown.

A final note: preserved foods, dried fruit, jerky, and nuts are all low in dietary water, and often high in sodium. This compounds the water problem. So in addition to drinking even more water, get some wet foods in there like raw vegetables and whole fruits. It will prevent hangover like headaches and your bowels will thank you.