Places to be From

Shanghai City (Known today as Portland)

Full information on what become of Portland can be found in the Book Scraps of the Rust Empire. The short version for character creation is that only Red Star characters can be from Shanghai pr Bridge City (the bellow and above ground areas of Portland respectively).

Nearby Bridge City:

The areas outlying Portland gave rise to small enclaves of Baywalker families.  These families organized into small compounds, both as protection from the monsters in the wastes as well as the attentions of the much more populous Red Star nearby.

New Bend (Known today as Bend)

Primarily a resupply town for the local DJ tribe and a regional economic hub due to the ford in the river, New Bend is home to Mericans, Solestros, and Natural Ones.

Capitol City (Known today as Salem)

aged photo DR:ORA den of thieves, slavers, thugs, con-men, and assassins. Capitol City is also the birthplace of many legitimate business people, as it serves as an economic hub for the entire region. Heavily devided into trade house territory, the experience in Capitol City varies by the street. A common place for Vegasians to hail from, at least recently, it is also a likely candidate for escaped Iron Slaves.

Fort Angel (Known today as Mt Angel)

A military/religious stronghold of the Cult of Fallow Hope. Nation of Acensor dedicated to the Fallow Hope are common from the town. Remnants and other strains that are devout members of the religion may have spent a few years behind the strong walls of the fort before heading south. Most subsects of the Faith are found within the Fort.

Dune Fall (Known today as Florence)

Located on and largely just off shore from the ever shifting sand dunes that swallowed an old world port town, is the coastal Saltwise settlement of Dune Fall. Home port too many Saltwise of the Pacific Coast. While the land side shops and bazars are destinations for caravans outsiders are not welcome to reside in the community, and most would find it unpleasant anyway.

Lascarian Lava Tube Settlements

In and east of the cascades there are long series of lava tubes. These have become home to various Lascarian clans.   Raiding the surface for food and supplies, they make travel and settlement in the area hazardous. Some of these lascarians may have traveled into the valley.

Klay Run (Known today as Klamath Falls)

A refuge of Mericans, Solestros and a few Pure Blood Families on the edge of DJ territory. The existence of fast moving water provides the settlement with power to keep the pure bloods in better than normal comfort.


Places to NOT be From

Old Track Town (Known today as Eugene/Springfield)

aged photo DR:ORMost of the Eugene/Springfield area has been flooded, burned, and rotted out of existence. What’s left is in the hands of Knights of old Track Town around the Old UofO campus or a clan of feral Lascarians in the sewers. Neither group is welcoming to outsiders in their territory nor is neither group suitable for play as a PC or being part of a PC background.

Inside the Radiation Zone

A large chunk of the valley has been blocked off to outsiders. Backgrounds cannot include this area.

Wendton (Known today as Camp Lutherwood Oregon)

The first time your character enters play is the first time your character should enter town, or very close to it.


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