Character Background and You!

aged photo DR:OREvery character in Dystopia Rising needs to have a background. Characters that are Uncommon or Rare in a local game need to turn in a background before they are approved for play, but even common strains need to have a background in within their first 3 games.

Backgrounds, however, don’t have to be hard or complicated. Just a brief accounting of where the character is from, some potentially broad history of what the character has done, who the character knows both PC’s and NPC’s, and what brings the character to Wendton. We use backgrounds to build stories that are special to your character, helping make the world more personal for you. We have a lot of backgrounds to work with, so while we enjoy your narratives, it helps a lot if you can highlight or bullet point out the key aspects of your background, again the where, who, why’s.

For the most part, you can be as creative as you like with a background, but there are a few limitations. First, your character must be from Oregon or one of the places already written about in the DR source materials. Second, you shouldn’t include other PC’s in your background without their permission. Third, remember travel is hard and rare, so stay away from “I wandered the wide world” concepts. Fourth, your background cannot provide a “safe place to return to” during or between games. The expectation is your character now resides in Wendton, the immediate surrounds, or travels with a caravan, you don’t return between games to a fortress mansion where everything is awesome. Finally, your character CANNOT be from Wendton, Eugene, Springfield, or nearby those places, until recently only NPC’s lived there. Also, your character cannot be part of the Wonteens, Ms. Kitty’s crew, The Knights of Old Track Town or any of the NPC trade houses, those connections will have to happen in game.

aged photo DR:ORIf you are going to create a new location in your background, avoid specifics of geographic location. “My pure blood grew up in a family compound in southern Oregon” is much better than “Our family runs the town of Grants Pass, which is now a fortress city.”

Finally, remember that while you create your background, once you start play you have no control over what happens with the characters or places mentioned in it. NPC allies won’t come at your call, enemies may change tactics, loved ones may die, and settlements may be lost, and so on. Everything in your background becomes the creative property of the Story Telling Team, and while they won’t change what you wrote, they also won’t be consulting you on future events, that way the story stays new and exciting.


Some in Game locations, for those visually minded.

Places to be From

First thing to do in writing your background it check out some of the strain info at it has info on likely or required places for your character to be from based on the strain.

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