Banned Character Concepts

aged photo DR:ORThe following character concept will not be approved for play in DR:Oregon.  All of these concept are two tied to real world issues or concerns making them unfit for ongoing PC concepts.  Characters already in play and visiting characters are grandfathered in as of January 2018.

  1. Child Characters
    1. No Character under the age of 12 may be depicted by any player.
    2. No Character under the age of 18 may be depicted unless the player is under 18, and then only as young as the player actually is.
  2. “Willing” or “Happy” slaves.
    1. Slavery is a dark concept and one that must be taken seriously and handled respectfully.  Characters that are portrayed as happy to have absolutely no freedom, consent to be physically assaulted or psychologically manipulated, and subjected to one of the most horrible conditions one human can impose on another are insensitive and insulting both to the historic practice of slavery and the instances of slavery happening in the world today.  Players that want to depict a character enslaved to another character must be actively trying to secure their freedom and noticeably resent their status.  Characters wanting to portray owners of PC slaves must be willing to portray the monstrous nature of what they are doing. This is not an appropriate concept just to tie two characters together, for friends to have an excuse to hang out constantly in game, or to create a character that is free from personal decisions.
    2. If players want to create characters tightly bound together, a character that has a built in reason not to have to make their own choices, or a character that is taken care of by another character, please utilize other options.  (Some quick examples, debts of honor, love, familial bonds, psionic intertwining, friendship, and so on.  The key is that at the core, the servile character chooses to remain loyal, the dominant character would genuinely let them leave service at any time, and they don’t call their arrangement slavery.)