Typical Oregon November this weekend

Happy Feast Day all;

I hope everyone had fun somehow today, and that your ready to come have more fun with us this weekend.

Just some quick reminders. Opening announcements are at 8, game on immediately after. If you are on the first NPC shift go straight there and skip the announcements, the ST’s in NPC land will give you the criticals. If you can’t make it before 8 we will try and get you into game as soon as we can.

If it’s your first 3 games, do not sign up for the first NPC shift.

It is going to be a typical Oregon November this weekend, so rain and cool. Bring changes of clothes from hats to shoes if possible, and remember we have the means to dry things so don’t let things get OOC miserable, come ask in Opps and we will find solutions. We also have a stash of hand warmers.

Please leave all politics at home. We come to the zombie apocalypse to escape more pressing concerns.

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DMV Hype

As the moon waxes and grows fuller with each passing night, an eerie calm washes over all who bask in its cold glow.
Even those who pay no mind to the seasons turn, feel a change coming in the crisp Fall air.

As the caravans head south toward Dead Mist Valley, there’s an almost ever present smell of bonfires somewhere off in the distance.

And as much as one may want to venture off the trails to find their source, the woods seem less friendly now. Only the loudest Diesel Jock engine can drown out the howl of wolves, even if the noise draws out zed.
A good spring leads to a bountiful fall, and every critter shows it.

The crows seem to clamor louder than ever, and all know that their time has come. Autumn, the season of the Hunt, is here.

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Charter Competition

This month’s game will feature, in addition to all the normal high action stuff, the next accounting.

The accounting occurs every 6 months and is when the trade houses are Audited to see if they meet the minimum requirements to be a trade house. It is also the time to form new trade houses. This month, it will also feature a “Charter Competition” for best trade house charter.

All trade houses must have a name, a charter, some sort of mission statement or founding doctrine, and a method for adding and removing members. Who can be in a trade house is completely up to the members, just remember that this is an IC group and decisions should be made IC based on IC knowledge.

Charters need to list all these things along with the names of everyone in the trade house. These are in character objects, which should come to game and be updated regularly as people are added or removed. If there is ever a question on who is in a trade house, the names on the charter are what counts. A person can only be in one trade house.

In order to maintain a trade house, the trade house needs to add at least one new member each six months being played by a player who started in that six month period. So reach out and recruit those new people.

In order to form a new trade house, you need at least 4 founding members whose characters live in the DMV. Please remember that by default your character lives in the chapter they are based in.

Lastly, we need an email from all current trade houses listing their current membership. Just send an email to dystopiarising.oregon@gmail.com.

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Crafting Policy

Our crafting policy will be ONE project per trip to Ops. A project is defined as follows:

  • Brewing: One use of the skill Brewing OR multiple uses of the skill wherein the final result is ONE brew.
  • Cooking: One use of the skill Cooking, OR multiple uses of the skill wherein the final result is ONE meal.
  • BT/FtF: One use of the skill BT/FtF, OR multiple uses of the skill wherein the final result is ONE item.
  • Improving: You can improve an item multiple times in one sitting, as long as the end result is ONE card.
  • Transcribing: We will allow up to 3 copies of a single print to be made at a time, as that takes about the same amount of time as writing ONE card.

This policy does not supersede the written rules for Crop Tending, Fishing, and other skills that already have existing rules in the book. It also does not affect the use of equipment that allows for multiple items/servings to be made in a single session (Master Stills, Copper Skillets, etc).

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A Community that Plays a Game

We are going to take a break for a second from or regularly scheduled geekery to touch on something important.

We are a community that plays a game, and the kind of community we will be is one of respect, acceptance and enjoyment for everyone. Making this kind of community a reality is something that will always take work, work from us and from all of you, but it is important and it is worth it.

Right now, there is a lot of talk about the challenges and community environment facing our trans/non-binary members, and we wanted to take a moment to address the topic as it applies to DR:Oregon.

While everyone understands that mistakes happen and adjusting our mindsets and expectations instilled by hundreds of years of societal programming is difficult for almost everyone, it is our responsibility to ensure we are doing everything we can to respect the gender identity of all players.

This means that if you accidentally misgender someone, you will be politely corrected. At that point you are expected to make a sincere but brief apology and correct your mistake going forward. Excuses and explanations are neither necessary nor particularly helpful. Similarly, blanket “pre-apologies” do not help alleviate the problem. We know this can be hard, but if you make it as important for yourself to fix as it is for those who can be hurt by the mistake, it is much easier to adjust.

It is never acceptable to misgender someone on purpose under any circumstance, this includes doing so in character. There are many ways to insult each other’s characters without using gender, or any other factor related to real world concerns. We will not tolerate purposeful misgendering. If you ever feel that this has happened to you, or see it happening to someone else, please come to us immediately, so we can act accordingly.

There are likely many other things we can do to make this part of our community feel safer and more welcome, and we will always be happy to consider suggestions. Currently, members of the Trans/Non-Binary community are working on suggestions for providing additional visual cues to help correct mistakes before they occur. Autumn and Jed will be happy to support and join in with them. In general, however, we suggest a simple policy of ask before you assume, and apologize before you excuse.

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Hello everyone! What an amazing weekend! I just wanted to make a note on photos:

YAY! For the most part no genre breaking items in the shots! We are doing SO much better, thank you!

Sadly though I couldn’t post 90 pictures with because of people looking at me/camera. So do your best to ignore me and my camera or any camera for that matter.

(A few get though ’cause of sunglasses. 😉 Naturally some that iffy so they slid in.)

I also want to commend a good deal of you for pointedly looking away!

Enjoy the photos!

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When to Email

A reminder as we get closer to game: The week of game is crunch time for Jed and I. And as much as we love all of you and want to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns, the week of game is the worst time to try to get a hold of us. We are wrists deep in preregistration, last minute mod tweaks, supply runs, and everything else needed to make sure game runs smoothly. We ask for your help in making this week as stress free as possible. If you are an established player and need to do a rewrite, make a new character, have an issue with your AP or build, please contact us BEFORE the week of game so we can address it. We will no longer be able to respond to these sorts of requests the week of game.

If you don’t manage to email us before game about any of these things, we can still take care of them on site! If you arrive before game on, Austin Nelson is generally available for re-writes and new character creation when he is not taking care of new players. If you arrive after game on, we will be able to take care of these issues in Ops after midnight Friday night. Anything regarding AP or XP can also be taken care of at this time (and remember, if you have an Advanced Membership, you can see your AP and Character Sheets anytime you like! Check out http://www.dystopiarisinglarp.com for more information about Advanced Memberships).

Thanks for bearing with me, gang. See you in a couple weeks!


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Updates to the Website

Hello Players!

I have made a good deal of fixes to the website. For example all forms are working as they should, so no more missing emails!

All of the forms should send you an email letting you know what you submitted to us. If you did not, be sure it didn’t go to your junk box, and if it is still not there, let us know so we can fix it.

Along with that, the more information you give us about an issue you were having with the website the better/quicker we can fix it. I will be creating a “Report a Problem with the Site” form here soon, to make reporting easier.

Thank you!

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Trade Consortium

It is time for the first accounting.

First, we need someone from each Trade House to email us with the name of the trade house and a list of all the Characters in the trade house. If possible, including the player numbers would be helpful. Send the list to dystopiarising.oregon@gmail.com before Wednesday.

At game, there will be mods where representatives of the Trade Consortium will need to see your Trade House’s charter and they will verify that the names sent us OOC match the names on the IC document. By the end of game the NPC’s will announce if any trade houses have been dissolved. Trade houses will be dissolved if they don’t present a charter or if they have failed to add at least 1 new member who began play (as a player not a character) in the last 6 months.

This will also be an opportunity for the formation of new Trade Houses. A new trade house requires a Charter that lists 4 citizens of Wendton (characters based in the Oregon chapter OOC) to act as founders and a name for the trade house. Other information like mission statements, articles of incorporation, guiding mandates, and so on are encouraged but not required. There will be NPC’s to examine the new charters and authorize the new Trade Houses. Please note that while it might be possible to lie to NPC’s at the time of presenting a new charter about where a character lives, the veracity of those claims will be checked by Trade Consortium, Black Market, and the Guild information networks (we will check the database between games) and a house found to be attempting to defraud the Trade Consortium will be subject to a purge.

The opportunity to create new trade houses will happen sometime Saturday morning. (Ending before Noon)

The Auditing of established trade houses will happen sometime Saturday Evening.

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Advanced Membership

Hey! Do you like XP? Do you like knowing what is on your character sheet between games? Then perhaps you should consider purchasing an Advanced Membership for Dystopia Rising! An advanced membership will get you 2 additional XP per character, access to your character sheet on the database, and a third character slot for you alt-o-holics out there! All of this for only $25/year! Check it out! http://www.dystopiarisinglarp.com/membership-purchase/

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