Slaver Mod Planning

Hello All;

Before we begin making announcements about next month’s game, we wanted to take a moment and look back on the February season closer.

By now, a lot of people have talked to us and told us about their reservations and concerns approaching game. First, I hope those who were concerned had their fears relieved and ended up having a good time. Second, please do not hesitate to email or otherwise talk with us in the future if you have concerns, for all we heard after, we heard almost none of it before. Lastly, if you are one of the players who chose to stay home rather than try the scenario, I hope you will talk with your friends that went and will give the next “something different” we try a chance.

To that end, Autumn and I thought it might help to share with everyone a bit of the planning document that the ST staff created leading up to this event. I have stripped out all the story stuff so there shouldn’t be any spoilers and the stats just in case you meet the NPC’s again, but we hope that in looking over the document you will see how much effort the ST’s and Directors put in to make sure this was something fun and where your characters wouldn’t get “screwed” without recourse.

In the end, this is about trust. Our goal as a staff is to bring the players the best survival-horror roleplaying experience possible, and we hope we have succeeded in presenting that to you in a new way.

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Green Tiger was expecting a supply shipment

Should have been more caravans through today. Green Tiger was expecting a supply shipment if nothing else, and they are usually pretty organized. Wouldn’t be that odd for raiders to take out or divert a caravan, but not this quiet. There would be smoke in the distance, maybe sounds of fighting, usually a survivor or two limping in, something. This is like it was just never coming or just disappeared in the damn fog if it did.

Something is out there I tell you. Something smart or at least clever. Something cutting us off and shutting us in. But ya know what, fuck them. This is a strong place to stand, solid buildings, limited approaches, good ground. I say we show our own cleverness, just dig in and make it come. I got a lot of brass that ain’t worth nothing sitting still.

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February Hype

***It’s quiet in the valley. The rain dampens noise, silences leaves. Grey days make it harder to spot things stalking the land, no shadows to magnify movements. The fog creeps in and out, keeping it’s own time and rhythm.

But something is moving, shapes glimpsed in the fog, the snap of a just dry enough twig, the glint of metal in a spot of sun.

Something is stalking the town, living in the woods and outskirts. A collection of eyes watching the residents go about their lives. Moving with precision and the hint of malice.***

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Not Taking Hits and Not Delivering Blows Properly

Greetings Survivors;

Today we need to talk about something less fun and exciting.

There is a problem plaguing our slice of the DR community, not taking hits and not delivering blows properly. It is such an issue that with all the visitors we have had in the last 3-4 months, the only consistent complaint they could raise is about our collective inability to follow these rules. I have seen it myself, as have Storytellers, Marshals, Players on NPC shift, and just players on the field.

Let me be really clear, yes I am talking to and about ‘you.’ This has become such a widespread issue that you should assume you are also part of the problem. The more you consider yourself, or others consider you, an awesome combat badas, the more likely it is you are a bigger part of the problem than you think. I have seen it in players in Oregon, Washington, and SoCal, so no matter what game you call home, you need to pay attention.

This is one of those issues that can straight up break the game. If players don’t take shots, a couple things start to happen. Players and NPC’s hit harder so the shots are felt, breaking more rules. The storytellers are forced to send out threats with increasing to ridiculous damage output so that players can’t blow off the shots, eliminating the value of armor, buying lots of body, and severely affecting the new-player experience. Worst of all, other players who intended to follow the rules are pulled into cheating because it looks like the only way to also be combat effective is to ignore “the little hits.” Delivering shots incorrectly means that the amount of health on NPC’s has to go up, the mount of NPC’s in the horde has to keep increasing, and again, more players are inspired to cheat to stay competitive. Read more ›

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Last Game at Our Original Site

Greetings Survivors Near and Far:

We here at the DR:Oregon dream engineering staff (storytellers) wanted to take a moment to tell you of some very exciting events coming up in the very near future.

The DR:OR February game (10th-12th) will be both the last game of our 2nd season and the last foreseeable game at our original site. As you can imagine, we couldn’t miss this opportunity to send things off with a bang. First, we have put together for you a very special escape scenario to start the weekend. The entire staff are volunteering to man the NPC reigns all Friday night and Saturday early morning, till 8AM, to bring you as extensive of a full immersion experience we can manage. None of your fellow players will need to duck out of scene for civic duty and as late arrivals check in, they will be incorporated into the scene completely IC. This scenario will involve challenges that rely on roleplay, teamwork, creativity, player’s wit, and character’s base skills and toughness to overcome. This is a chance to show off that out of the box thinking, or that often unused skill set. Be warned, that character’s will not be able to make use of their normal stock of items and supplies, instead having to rely on what they can find or finagle in game.

By Saturday Morning, normal play will resume featuring a high intensity plot providing an explanation for why by March, the survivors of Dead Mist Valley will need to find a new home.

The March DR:OR game (also the 10th-12th), will be at our new site. We don’t want to give to much away, but if you ever wanted to test your metal carving a chunk of civilization out of the wild wastes, this will be your chance. We invite everyone to come help the denizens of DMV claim a new home, claim some glory for yourself, and make some new friends in the process. Oh, and I should mention this will be one of the first opportunities to strike a blow directly at the Raiders making travel and trade so much more difficult in the region, ya know, for those who worry about such things.

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Time for the pre-game story mechanics reminders and announcements:


White Fungus
The White Fungus has been growing, adapting, and spreading in game for almost a year now, and the scope of the infection is reaching epidemic levels. This means the impact of the plot is expanding locally, but we don’t want that to mean that the growing volume of infected Herb, Produce, Meals, and Brews made here will be stuck with Oregon specific plot mechanics and unusable anywhere else, when the white fungus has no mechanical effects outside of Oregon. So we are making the following changes to how the plot is presented on item cards.
-Infected Herb/Produce will be marked with a black dot in the upper right hand corner.
-Detecting infected raw materials requires SCIENCE! and the appropriate Lore (Herb for Herb, Animal – Terra Firma for Beef and so on)
-Any Brew or Meal created with infected Herb/Produce will also be marked in this way.
-Detecting infected meals/brews requires use of Analyze Contents
-Consuming/injecting infected meals and brews causes onset White Dust Disease or advances it one stage.
-Outside of Oregon, the black spot has no effects.
We hope this will let everyone continue playing with the plot as it grows without impacting their ability to travel and trade.

-Items we have seen that need a reminder-

Phys-Reps: All items that are not Scrap/Herb or basic crafting components must be physically represented to be brought into play. Item cards not associated with a phys-rep that should be must be stored in a large container, like a trunk or duffel bag.

Copying Prints: You cannot walk around while copying a print, even if the print does not require a printer’s table or transcribe to copy.

Berserkers Mind: It’s active for 10 minutes, then cannot be re-activated for 1 hour. Please mark start and end times on the character sheet.

Moving with a Mangled Leg or while Stable: You may only move in a slow obviously painful pace while in these states. No mad hopping or running wounded.

Stabilized: You cannot self administer a consumed or applied brew while stabilized, someone has to feed it to you.

Medical Assistance and Genius: Both skills dramatically limit what a patient can do while receiving the effects. Please take a moment to double check.

Feign Death: You must declare the use of Feign Death when activated. You should also inform undead that you are obviously not dead or in bleed-out, as they are immune to Feign Death and should know to continue attacking you as normal.

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Ops is IC!

Hello Survivors!

Starting this game, we have a couple of changes. First, Ops is going to be going IC! That’s right! Now you can actually come face to face with the Assayers and have a chat while they certify your work! If you need cards, prints, educated research, logging a theft (the assayers don’t judge and ain’t no snitches), or weapon tags, they are who you talk to. This will happen at the first window on the right hand side of Cascara as you are looking at you.

Does this mean you can attack the Assayers? Yes! However, it would be a really bad idea for you. The Assayers are 500+ build characters, and they are vengeful. If you decide attacking them is a good idea, the Assayer’s office will shut down, and will not reopen until they are satisfied you have learned your lesson. This would put a pretty big damper on the game for the rest of your fellow players, not to mention make most of the crafters VERY unhappy with you. So, while you CAN do it, I would not recommend it. Seriously. I’ve seen some of the character builds. Don’t fuck with them. What about stealing? I mean, sure, but there is nothing to steal except some pens and paper. Not worth the full wrath of the Assayer’s Office (seriously. There is nothing to steal. Don’t bother).

Registration will also be taking place in Cascara, inside the building. This is the only reason you should be coming inside the building from here on out. If you need you weapons or armor checked and tagged, go get into costume and go see your friendly neighborhood Assayer.

Hours: The Assayers Office will be open all day, except between the hours of 4am-7am. So no, Ops is not 24 hours right now. If you are interested in keeping Ops 24 hours, we are looking to bring on more Ops marshals! (though really, shouldn’t you be sleeping?)

Registration will be open from 5pm – 2am on Friday, and 8am – 12:01pm Saturday. We will still be able to process you if you arrive outside of these times, but it might take a bit longer. If you plan on arriving later than these times, please let us know.

Another change is to the crafting policy! National has come up with a nationwide crafting policy that we are excited to adopt in place of our own. Now, you will be allowed ONE CARD per trip to Ops, unless the rules say otherwise. So you can now brew those 10 Uncle Todd’s in one sitting, but they will all end up on one card. If you would like them split up, you will need to go to the back of the line for each one. Printers will be allowed up to three prints total. So you can now do three different prints if you are so inclined!

I hope everyone enjoys these new changes, and we look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!


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DR:OR at NewCon!


DR: Oregon is going to be working NewCon 5 this year in Portland, held over New Year’s Weekend (12/30 – 1/1)! We are in need of some assistance! One of the panels we will be running this year is “Dressing for the Apocalypse” which will be a post-apocalyptic costuming panel with tips and tricks on how to make new things look old and beat up. We are looking for 2 – 3 more people who would be interested in running this panel. If that sounds like you, please email us at with some pictures of your work and how you achieved that look. The costuming panel is slated for Sunday 4pm – 6pm. AP will of course be offered at 10AP/hr, with an additional bonus of 1AP/$1 you spend purchasing a badge.

We will also be looking for people to help us run a DR demo game on Saturday night (6pm – 10pm). We need lots of shamblers to throw at the new folks! Again, please email us if you are interested.

Finally, we will be co-hosting a room party with another local area LARP group to have THE NERDIEST NEW YEARS PARTY EVER! This is not an official event at the convention, so anyone is welcome to drop by. I will post the room numbers the weekend of the convention. The party starts at 10pm and goes until ?? :O

So be there, or be square. We look forward to hearing from you!

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New Players and how we approach them


Today, I wanted to take a (few) s̶e̶c̶o̶n̶d̶ minute(s) to talk to everyone about something of critical importance, New Players and how we approach them.

—–The TLDR version of all of this is going to be: It is everyone’s job to include New Players into your IC activities, regardless of personal character quirks or other IC considerations. Reach out to them and bring them in to your activities. Spend time with them. Make the IC and OOC connections that keep people coming back on their First game, because without them, most people never play a Second.——–

—Long Version—–

New people joining are the lifeblood of any LARP. They bring in new ideas, new perspectives and new energy that prevent a game from stagnating and getting old better than anything an ST’s can come up with. They increase the number of people we get to play with, and replace those who had to step away do to life outside of game. They are a vital and necessary part of our community and our shared experience. That’s why we put so much emphasis on attracting and keeping new players.

In general, people have been doing an OK job at welcoming new players into game and being polite, but there is something I need us all to work on doing better. Making new players part of your group.

In the end, what keeps people coming back to this crazy thing are the friends and connections we have with each other. It’s those bonds we need to form with new players right away. That means OOC, take time when you see someone you don’t know before game on or on your NPC shift to introduce yourself, say hi, ask them about themselves, talk about their character, and so on. In game, try and bring their characters into your IC groups and exploits. Include them in everything they want to be included on. If you find out they are a fighter, ask them to fight with you or go on a mod with you. If they’re a crafter, ask them to do a project for you, or help you with yours. If your hurt and they are a healer, ask them to help you, if things are reversed, heal them. Ask them to join your Trade House, or mercenary company or rag tag rouges gallery sitting on the couch. I’m not saying you have to give them things for free, but you can find ways to arrange “favor exchanges,” which just form more connections. The key in the end is spend time with them IC and OOC. They are likely out trying something new and scary and what most want least is to be left alone in an environment they don’t understand.

We have tried to provide a couple of IC incentives and explanations for why characters might do this, and will keep trying to add more, but in the end this is one of those things that if need be you should just do, even if it’s not completely in keeping with your character. Find an explanation, work an angle, heck decide to use the new blood as pawns and patsies, as long as you are including them in your personal stories in game, it will help bring them in. A note on this, we provide New Players with items and information every New Player mod that are based off of a combination of things they need and things established players/character want. Please, do not descend on them like locusts just to separate them from the choice bits and then leave. Instead, if they got a blueprint you want, consider letting them keep it and making an arrangement to borrow it or introduce them to people to copy it, or better still ask them to help you get the supplies and eventually make it. Ask them to help you figure out whats going on with that plot item. Drag them along with you as you look for the rest of the scrap to go with the named scrap they got and so on. Anything that means interacting with them more is better. I promise, the opportunity to acquire that print, or scrap, or plot item will come around again.

You may say, “But Jed, we want to get to know people before we invite them into our IC groups, we need to carefully vet our membership to ensure only the right sort of character’s join.” and I get that. The problem is, with the vast majority of New Players, unless they came in already part of a friends group, you will only ever get one shot at them. Most new players only play 1 game and never come back, so if you don’t hook them now, there won’t be a latter. So invite them in, even if its only as a “pledge” or “initiate” or “Tenderfoot”. Worst case scenario, they will play long enough for you to find out their character is the wrong sort and you can kick them out of your group, it’s just more great fodder for RP.

So, include them, actively. Don’t leave them behind because their characters don’t have as much xp and you are worried they might get killed. Try and get them to join your IC group ASAP, before they get snatched up by someone else. Or in the end, just spend time with them IC & OOC because thats what most of us would want someone to do our first time with a bunch of strange people in a strange place.

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Consider being a Rules Marshal

Greetings Again!

If you want to help contribute to the DR:Oregon chapter, and get some nice rewards, but cannot commit to the writing requirements of being an ST, consider being a Rules Marshal. We are taking applications now for several open positions.

– Are expected to represent DR:Oregon, and DR: National in the best possible way at all times, both in and out of game.
-Are expected to respond to communication from Directors and Team Leads within 24 hours, even if this is just a “message received” acknowledgment.
-Are expected to attend DR:Oregon games whenever they are able.
-Are expected to inform the Directors via email if they need to miss a game as soon as possible, preferably with two weeks notice.
-Are expected to help with setup and teardown on event weekends. This includes both signing up for needed set-up and clean-up shifts as well as assisting with general labor as needed.
-Are expected to be positive members of the DR community.
-Ensure game, network, and community rules and standards are upheld.
-Work 6 hours at game from game-on to game-off.
-Be well versed in the rules, standards, and practices of DR. While memorizing all rules is not necessary, marshals must be able to recognize when they need to reference the written rule set for confirmation and separate the actual rules from tribal knowledge and misunderstanding.
-Sign up for a set-up or cleanup shift. If there are not enough marshals it may be necessary to sign up for both.
-Approach all situations with a polite, friendly, customer service positive manner.
– Work 6 hours with the Storytellers running modules in the field.
– Facilitate NPC’s getting into costume and understanding upcoming modules.
– Promote an atmosphere of minimum down time in NPC land.

– Receive the 2 buyable xp for free for all characters registered at a DR:Oregon event.
– Special training opportunities.
– An opportunity to influence story and game direction through input with Storytellers and Directors.

How to Apply
Send an email to listing relevant experience.

This is a volunteer position.

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