Last Game at Our Original Site

Greetings Survivors Near and Far:

We here at the DR:Oregon dream engineering staff (storytellers) wanted to take a moment to tell you of some very exciting events coming up in the very near future.

The DR:OR February game (10th-12th) will be both the last game of our 2nd season and the last foreseeable game at our original site. As you can imagine, we couldn’t miss this opportunity to send things off with a bang. First, we have put together for you a very special escape scenario to start the weekend. The entire staff are volunteering to man the NPC reigns all Friday night and Saturday early morning, till 8AM, to bring you as extensive of a full immersion experience we can manage. None of your fellow players will need to duck out of scene for civic duty and as late arrivals check in, they will be incorporated into the scene completely IC. This scenario will involve challenges that rely on roleplay, teamwork, creativity, player’s wit, and character’s base skills and toughness to overcome. This is a chance to show off that out of the box thinking, or that often unused skill set. Be warned, that character’s will not be able to make use of their normal stock of items and supplies, instead having to rely on what they can find or finagle in game.

By Saturday Morning, normal play will resume featuring a high intensity plot providing an explanation for why by March, the survivors of Dead Mist Valley will need to find a new home.

The March DR:OR game (also the 10th-12th), will be at our new site. We don’t want to give to much away, but if you ever wanted to test your metal carving a chunk of civilization out of the wild wastes, this will be your chance. We invite everyone to come help the denizens of DMV claim a new home, claim some glory for yourself, and make some new friends in the process. Oh, and I should mention this will be one of the first opportunities to strike a blow directly at the Raiders making travel and trade so much more difficult in the region, ya know, for those who worry about such things.

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