Site Rules

Arrival and Departure

(For a full schedule of important times, see the events schedule page (link to)) (We will need to add either a new page or a section to the events page that gives the times of all things important)

  • Full Event attendees may arrive in the parking lot at  3:00 PM on Friday
  • Those not assisting with set up may cross the bridge at 5:00 PM
  • All vehicles must be out of the game space by 7:50 PM (Late arrivals or further unloading must be carried in by hand)
  • Vehicles may cross the bridge again at 11:15 AM on Sunday
  • Full weekend attendees should expect to remain on site until 1:30 PM or later on Sunday for cleanup.
  • Carded Items may not be stored in cars for safekeeping during game.
  • Exception for items that belong to other characters not currently being portrayed or phys-reps that are not associated with item cards, these are best left out of game to avoid confusion.


(These rules are set by the camp to prevent pest infestation of sleeping areas)

  • There is absolutely NO food or drink allowed inside any building except the lodge (water is OK).  This includes the Yurt used for NPC land.
  • Multiple refrigerators, freezers and cabinets are available for everyone to use in the lodge kitchen.
  • If walking around with food, do not dispose of wrappers in cabin trash cans, carry trash to an outdoor or lodge trash receptacle.


  • An up to date Oregon’s Food Handlers card is required to use the Stoves or Ovens in the Kitchen.  This must be emailed (not hand delivered) to the directors prior to the event.
  • A microwave, multiple sinks, and outlets are available for anyone to use.
  • The kitchen is In Character, so all visible food containers must maintain genera. (Large cloth bags are a great cheap way to conceal modern packaging)
  • The kitchen is a strict Non-Combat space.  (No weapons may be used, nor may players use any offensive or defensive skills of any kind)
  • All players should make every effort to leave the kitchen immediately if there is combat in the lodge.  Nobody should hide in the Kitchen, even if that only means quietly eating and hoping nobody notices.  
    • In the event of combat in the lodge, all microwaves and stove tops must be turned off.  Ovens must remain closed but may remain on if the person using them remains in the lodge (they cannot run away and hide if the oven is on, even if it means their character perms).  
    • If an NPC combatant steps both feet inside the kitchen and declares loudly 3 times “Im killing the cooks” any PC’s in the kitchen must immediately step out of the kitchen and falls immediately into bleed out with broken armor (as the skill break armor).  Note: this is only used to help incentivise players to leave the kitchen, no effort will be made to trap or contain PC’s for an easy bleedout.
  • The back door of the kitchen is for OOC use only and cannot be used In Character at any time.
  • Everyone is responsible for cleaning their own dishes.  If you want to use the dishes provided by the camp, you must do the following. (When in doubt, just jump in and help with dishes)
    • Players may not use the dish room pass through or place dirty dishes on the passthrough to be washed.
    • Before being placed in a dish tray, all dishes must be scrapped completely into the garbage, there are no in-sink garbage disposals on site. (This means no solid food at all on any surface) then rinsed entirely CLEAN in the rinse sink.  This likely means using a sponge to rinse/wipe away the stuff that is stuck on.  (The big machine in the dish room only sanitizes clean dishes, it does not wash)
    • Once a tray is full, it must be run through the sanitizer.  Instructions are posted on the wall.  It is YOUR responsibility to find someone who knows how to use the machine and get trained if you do not know.  Do not let a full tray sit in the dishroom.
    • After dishes are sanitized, they can sit for a while to dry, but if there are 3 trays done when you load the machine, you must put one of the trays away.
  • Do not rinse or wash dishes in any sink except in the dish room.

Smoking, Tobacco, Vaping, Marijuana, and Alcohol

  • Marijuana and Alcohol are not allowed on camp property.
  • Smoking, Vaping, and Tobacco use are allowed only in the designated area in the parking lot beside the facilities tool shed.
    • The Smoking Area and anyone there is Out of Character.
    • Players are encouraged to stay at the smoking area for as little time as possible.  Do not use it as a place to hang out and talk.
    • In the event of combat you can hear in the game area, please extinguish and get back into game immediately or at least as fast as possible, even if you would like to avoid that combat. (Enter game then go hide IC)
  • No player may go to the smoking area while wearing or carrying any DR:Oregon property.
    • Players are asked to please not take a smoke break during NPC time.  It is highly disruptive and can impact the fun of the entire game.  Please plan on taking that smoke break immediately before and after your scheduled volunteer time.

Personal Tents

  • Personal Tents are allowed.
  • Because there is still plenty of bunk space, all tents must be “genre.”
  • Genre-fied tents may be set up anywhere in the game space so long as the following conditions are met;
    • No paths are blocked, in part or full.
    • No foliage had to be removed, crushed, or disrupted other than grass
  • Tents can and will be attacked.
    • Tent doors may be crafted, barricaded, locked or trapped like any structure door.
    • A marshal will adjudicate interacting with these defenses (or lack thereof) and call inhabitants to come out and fight 30 seconds after the defenses have been breached. Otherwise, unavoidable damage will be called. The marshal may adjust this time depending on weather conditions.
    • In the event of CvC, marshals may enter a tent to acquire carded items for theft, or open the tent flap before announcing the start of combat to confirm the state of readiness of the occupants. We highly recommend all IC items be stored just inside the door of the tent and clearly visible if you want to ensure there is no need to move personal items. (If there are emotional or medical concerns for a marshal opening or entering a tent, please let the director know privately so adjustments can be made).

Out of Character Sleeping / Medical Cabin

  • No player may be Out of Character, including to sleep, for an extended time in the game space without receiving permission from the directors.
    • This includes not being out of character if you are with someone else that did get permission.
  • There is a very limited number of beds (4) available for out of character sleeping. In the designated med-cabin
  • In order to stay in one of these beds you must,
    • Provide us a letter from your doctor stating that you have a medical need to sleep a number of uninterrupted hours, but despite this are medically cleared to take part in all other aspects of dystopia rising
    • Reserve one of the beds each game by sending an email before game that you are coming and need the bed. Reservations are first come.
  • These beds are 3 bottom bunks and 1 top bunks in the Cascara cabin
    • If you are physically able to sleep in a top bunk, you must fill a top bunk before claiming a bottom bunk. Do not assume others who need it more will ask you to move, don’t force them to be confrontational.
  • If you need electricity but not necessarily OOC sleep (such as some cpap users), we can make arrangements to protect expensive equipment and still have you sleep in character.
  • Please remember that the medical cabin is OOC and cannot be used for In Game activities like meetings or storing carded items.
    • All carded items should remain outside the medical cabin while you are not present in the cabin yourself.  We understand forgetting things, but do your best.