Before The Game Starts

aged photo DR:ORAfter the fall, clouds of radioactive fallout spread across the Willamette Valley. The high walls of the coastal range and the cascades held the poisonous air, allowing it to mix with the regions high humidity, transforming it into a deadly fog that has shrouded the region and preventing even the hardiest explorers from penetrating the valley.

In recent months, a combination of changing wind patterns and a particularly dry year has resulted in several breaks in the wall of fog that constantly shrouded the routs into the valley. Travel is still risky, as banks of deadly irradiated fog still drift across the hillsides, blocking a path that was open hours or moments before, but the bold and the desperate have begun to probe the valley.

Most of the pre–fall structures have fallen to rust and dust, many of the towns sinking into the marshes that returned when mankind stopped draining the fields, leaving a land wild and dangerous. When word spread that there were breaks spotted in the Rad-Fog around the “Dead Mist Valley” Pure Blood Katherine ‘Kitty’ Wendt put together a team of Merican settlers and headed into the unknown.

After a few months of scouting, they chanced into a group of structures, still standing and in decent repair. The area was surprisingly rich in edible plants, game, and even better than expected scrap. This has become the site of the new town of Wendton. With plenty of space available, Ms. Kitty has started spreading the word for more settlers to come join her.

The First Year

aged photo DR:ORThe town grew quickly.  It was a wild place on the frontier of the wastes.  Several rich veins of silver and coal were discovered, spiking a boom of growth.  Crafters moved into town from all over the wastes, hammering out everything from weapons, to rides, to fancy new buildings.

The rough and tumble residents who moved in over the year didn’t take to Ms Kitties leadership, and before long the town saw its first major civil upheaval, and ultimately a all out war between Kitty’s boys and most of the town’s trade houses.  With some savvy dealing and savage fighting, the townspeople overthrew Kitty, and claimed the town for themselves.

The Wonteens, a natural one tribe who used to claim the area as part of its territory, was treated a fair sight better.  Offered compensation against their ancestral claim, they have left the area uncontested to the new settlers.  

But the seasons turn, the Rad fog still flows down the valleys, and new threats are constantly on the rise.