Directors and Team


Autumn Wright – Coordinator

aged photo DR:OR Autumn

Jedediah Tressler – Storyteller

aged photo DR:OR Jed

If you are interested in taking on some additional responsibilities for your NPC requirements in exchange for 60 AP and an option to spend extra AP for XP on local based characters, send us a message at

Team List

Coord Marshals (Assayers Office/Post Office)

  • Amanda Caterina
  • Michael Feuerbach
  • Sabrina McCoy
  • Chris Rathjen
  • Enya Smith
  • Chano Subia
  • Shane Vila
  • Elise Wolf

Ops Marshals (NPC Land)

  • Lisa Burris
  • Nathan Duhigg
  • Alexander Eby
  • Julia Macklin
  • Kari Rathjen
  • Sarah Wanamaker

Rules Marshals (NPC Land/Field)

  • John Anderson
  • Trenten Black
  • Aaron Buckley
  • Zachary Centers
  • Eamon Dixon
  • Alex Dopp
  • Tank Dutton
  • Jasmine Emerson
  • Xander Hams
  • Adam Jarvey
  • Ryan McClean
  • Ian McLuskie
  • Ryan Reid
  • Bunny Spady
  • Nathan Whitwer

Settings Marshals (Site setup, Makup, Costuming and Prop Care)

  • Michael Birkes
  • Greg Hallock


  • Joshann Schoen-Clark