Attendance Options

Full Weekend – $50

  • May be in the parking lot at 3:00 PM Friday and in the camp at 5:00PM
  • On site registration and pre-registration pick up opens once logistics areas are set up, usually 6:00 PM
  • Registration remains open until 2:00 AM.
  • Requires 4 hours NPC and 2 hour cleanup commitment.

aged photo DR:OR

Day Trip – $30

  • Only half base xp is awarded for day trip attendance (rounded up).
  • Day Trip Attendees may not arrive in the parking lot before 8:00 AM Saturday or sleep in the parking lot overnight on Friday or Saturday night.
  • Day Trip registration opens at 8:00 AM Saturday.
  • Day Trip attendees may begin play at 9:00 AM Saturday.
  • Day Trip attendees must be Off Site by Midnight Saturday. (Includes NPC and cleanup duties completed)
  • Requires 2 hour NPC and ~1 hour cleanup (usually less) commitment.

NPC Only Weekends – Free

  • Completing an NPC only weekend (from game-on to game off) will earn a player 250 Assistance Points. Partial awards for partial weekends will only be given in cases of emergency. This assumes 22 hours of NPC time, 16 hours of sleep/rest time, and 30 AP points of “kicker” for the extra help and to cover if NPC time runs long.
  • There are only 5 NPC only ‘spots’ available each game weekend,
    • These are first come, first served
    • Are only available to players able to attend the entire weekend
    • Are not available to someone who hasn’t played Dystopia Rising before (We offer a $20 first time fee explicitly so people can try out the game. An npc only weekend will give people a lot of experience with running NPC’s, but very little experience in playing the game. First game players can still volunteer to do extra NPC work, but need to experience the game itself in all its horrific glory.)
  • Players who sign up for NPC only will not receive a character sheet or build for their characters.
  • Weekends spent NPC only will not count for the number of games played to qualify for Uncommon or Rare strains.
  • Players on NPC only weekends will either be staying out of character by NPC land during sleep/rest times, (they should either bring a tent or sleep in their vehicle), or they will be assigned an NPC Rover character and assigned a bed in the Rover Waystation for sleep. (This sleeping time is not eligible for AP)
  • Players on an NPC only weekend will not be able to enter the game space except when portraying an NPC. (We want to emphasise, that this is a poor option for people who are looking to hang out with their friends for the weekend. It will be a lot of work, with little time to just hang out)