The world ended a long time ago.

aged photo DR:ORDystopia Rising is a game set in a post-apocalyptic world where mankind is gone, replaced by mutated strains of survivors that bear only a resemblance to what we are today. These vestiges of man live in a world where the dead walk, mad bands of raiders prowl the countryside, and a ramshackle settlement might represent the height of civilization for hundreds of miles. It is zombie horror film brought to life in your backyard.

The game is a fully immersive boffer larp. That means that, except for your NPC shift, from the moment game on is called on Friday till game off on Sunday you will eat, sleep, fight, and live in character. Combat is carried out in real time using contact safe weapons, and skill use is as simple as spend your points and make it happen. Every effort, from costuming to decorations, is made to help everyone experience a world different from our own.

Players take on the role of ‘Survivors,’ beings descended from humanity by at least 4 generation. Inside every survivor lies the infection responsible for animating the dead, guaranteeing that every living sole will rise again to attack their friends and family. The infection is also responsible for the rapid change in humanity from before the fall to the strains that are strong enough to survive the wastes. The strains heal faster, can withstand levels of radiation lethal to humans, and even allows them to cheat death a few times.

aged photo DR:ORThe civilizations of mankind were lost beneath the rising tides of undead and in the nuclear fires unleashed by the old governments in an attempt to stem it. Most of the cities are gone, anything with a microchip fried, data stored digitally was lost, and the decedents of man were reduced to scratching a meager life from the broken earth. Time has passed, however, and our decedents are even more resourceful than us. Survivors are starting to come together, forming towns, building communities. It’s in one of these frontier towns where your character will play whatever role you choose in forming the next chapter of civilization. From architects, craftsman, doctors, and priests to soldiers, spies, assassins, and thieves, all have a place in the new civilization. You can attempt almost anything in the new world.

That’s the name of the game, living in the wasteland. The zombies, raiders, and monsters are dangers, but the real challenge is holding on to your characters ideals and goals in a world of undead horrors. Making the hard decisions between morality and safety.

That’s what Dystopia Rising is about, pitting your character against a world that is vicious and cruel. The apocalypse already happened, and mankind lost.

The only question remaining is, can you survive the wasteland?