Ops is IC!

Hello Survivors!

Starting this game, we have a couple of changes. First, Ops is going to be going IC! That’s right! Now you can actually come face to face with the Assayers and have a chat while they certify your work! If you need cards, prints, educated research, logging a theft (the assayers don’t judge and ain’t no snitches), or weapon tags, they are who you talk to. This will happen at the first window on the right hand side of Cascara as you are looking at you.

Does this mean you can attack the Assayers? Yes! However, it would be a really bad idea for you. The Assayers are 500+ build characters, and they are vengeful. If you decide attacking them is a good idea, the Assayer’s office will shut down, and will not reopen until they are satisfied you have learned your lesson. This would put a pretty big damper on the game for the rest of your fellow players, not to mention make most of the crafters VERY unhappy with you. So, while you CAN do it, I would not recommend it. Seriously. I’ve seen some of the character builds. Don’t fuck with them. What about stealing? I mean, sure, but there is nothing to steal except some pens and paper. Not worth the full wrath of the Assayer’s Office (seriously. There is nothing to steal. Don’t bother).

Registration will also be taking place in Cascara, inside the building. This is the only reason you should be coming inside the building from here on out. If you need you weapons or armor checked and tagged, go get into costume and go see your friendly neighborhood Assayer.

Hours: The Assayers Office will be open all day, except between the hours of 4am-7am. So no, Ops is not 24 hours right now. If you are interested in keeping Ops 24 hours, we are looking to bring on more Ops marshals! (though really, shouldn’t you be sleeping?)

Registration will be open from 5pm – 2am on Friday, and 8am – 12:01pm Saturday. We will still be able to process you if you arrive outside of these times, but it might take a bit longer. If you plan on arriving later than these times, please let us know. dystopiarising.oregon@gmail.com

Another change is to the crafting policy! National has come up with a nationwide crafting policy that we are excited to adopt in place of our own. Now, you will be allowed ONE CARD per trip to Ops, unless the rules say otherwise. So you can now brew those 10 Uncle Todd’s in one sitting, but they will all end up on one card. If you would like them split up, you will need to go to the back of the line for each one. Printers will be allowed up to three prints total. So you can now do three different prints if you are so inclined!

I hope everyone enjoys these new changes, and we look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!


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